Common Musk Turtle (Stinkpot)
Sternotherus odoratus

Description:  A small (4" max) greenish or brownish turtle with stripes on its face.  The plastron (lower shell) is very small, allowing great movement of its legs.  Intensity of striping varies from turtle to turtle, presumably with age - older turtles my lack all suggestion of stripes whatsoever.

Habitat:  Any body of water is suitable habitat for these turtles; however, in West Texas they are typically associated with rivers.

Distribution:  These turtles are presumably found throughout the Nueces Canyon.

Abundance:  Relatively scarce.  We have documented only one specimen from the canyon, and it was also the first record for this species for the area.

Conservation Status:  These turtles are abundant elsewhere in the state and are too small to be threatened by the Asian food turtle trade.

Comments:  The turtles seem to be relatively common in other Hill Country rivers and streams, and should be relatively common here.