Rana catesbeiana

Description:  These are largest frogs in the US and reach lengths of 8-9".  They have large back legs and are great jumpers.  Their backs are usually greenish , often with an irregular pattern of darker markings. Males have large eardrums, and are often less distinctly patterned.   Their call is a loud booming roar.  Juveniles make a high pitched chirruping distress call as they jump into the water to avoid predators. 

Habitat:  This species should occur near semi-permanent water throughout the area.  It particularly favors slower moving water and ponds.  We have not confirmed its occurrence in the Nueces Canyon.

Distribution:  This species occurs throughout most of the state, but is native to only the eastern 3/4s of the state.  It should occur throughout the Nueces Canyon, but we have not confirmed its existence here.

  It is probably uncommon and its occurrence needs to be confirmed for the Nueces Canyon.

Conservation Status:  abundant statewide and their status is secure.

Comments: Their legs are often sold as "frog legs".  This species needs to be confirmed for the Nueces Canyon.