Rio Grande Leopard Frog
Rana berlandieri

Description:  These are common, medium to large frogs (up to 6" in total length) that can be found throughout the area.  They have large back legs and are great jumpers.  Their backs are greenish to brownish, with large dark spots.  Each frog has a unique pattern of these dark spots - no two frogs are alike.  Their calls resemble a fast-paced chuckle reminiscent of a fast-paced duck quacking.

Habitat:  This species occurs near semi-permanent water throughout the area.  It often wanders far from water on humid nights, and may take refuge during the day under houses, in rock crevices, or in vegetation.

Distribution:  This species occurs throughout the southern half of the state.  It occurs throughout the Nueces Canyon.

Abundance:  This is one of the most common frogs in the area.

Conservation Status:  fairly common statewide and their status is secure.

Comments: there are 4 species of Leopard frog found in Texas, all confusingly similar to each other.  Fortunately, their ranges only overlap slightly, and only one of these species is found in our area.