Spotted Chorus Frog
Pseudacris clarki

Description:  These are small common frogs that are typically in grassland habitats. They are usually smaller than 1 1/2" in total length, have a whitish or grayish ground color with scattered greenish spots, large eyes, and slightly webbed feet. Each frog has a different pattern, and there is considerable variation present in the species.  Their calls are reminiscent of the sound made by a finger running over a comb - a light trill that increases in tempo - "rrrick-rrrrick-rrrick".

Habitat:  This species occurs primarily in open grassland habitats.

Distribution:  This species occurs thoughout the eastern 2/3s of the state.  It probably does not occur in the Nueces Canyon proper, but does occur to the north of the canyon along TX Hwy 41.

  probably does not occur in the Nueces Canyon, but is common where it occurs

Conservation Status:  fairly common statewide and their status is secure.

Comments: Probably does not occur in the Nueces Canyon