Great Plains Narrow-mouthed Toad
Gastrophryne olivacea

Description:  These are small frogs (usually under 1 1/2" in total length) with small pointy snouts.  They are usually a uniform gray or olive gray color with a few scattered dark spots.  They are flattened overall, and have short legs.  They rarely hop upwards, but instead their "leaps" propel them forward horizontal to the ground.  Their calls are a high pitched buzz.

Habitat:  This species is typically found under rocks in grassy areas.  It breeds in semi-permanent pools, typically after heavy rains.

Distribution:  This species occurs throughout the Nueces Canyon.

  This species is fairy common in the area but rarely seen.

Conservation Status:  abundant statewide and their status is secure.

Comments: This species can often be found sharing the burrows of Tarantulas.  It is thought that they feed on small insects that parasitize the spiders, while the spiders clearly offer protection to the frogs from predators.