Texas Toad
Bufo speciosus

Description:  These are fairly large, nondescript toads, typically 3-4" in total length, and usually have a plain olive-gray coloration, with occasional individuals marked with small dark blotches.  They generally have an overall "round" appearance, with a rounded, blunt head.  Their call is a distinctive, penetrating series of short, high pitched whistles, and large choruses can be quite deafening.

Habitat:  this species prefers grassy flats, and is most abundant in the thornscrub habitat to our south, but it also occurs in rocky canyons.  However, it is mostly absent from wooded areas.

Distribution:  this species occurs throughout the western 2/3s of Texas.  We have not confirmed its presences in the Nueces Canyon proper, but it should be most common in the southern part of the canyon.

Abundance:  as this species avoids wooded habitats, it is likely not very common in the canyon, and we have yet to confirm its presence

Conservation Status:  abundant in most areas,  their status is secure.

Comments:  needs to be confirmed for the Nueces Canyon