Red-spotted Toad
Bufo punctatus

Description:  These are small, grayish toads, which despite their names often lack distinctive red spots (at least in our area).  They range from 2-3" in length.  They have small heads, small round paratoid glands, and lack cranial crests.  In general, they have a flattened appearance.  Their call is a high pitched trill.

Habitat:  This species is a confirmed rock dweller, and is most common on rocky slopes.  It can be found in some of North America's driest deserts - in fact, the Nueces Canyon is a wetter habitat than it generally prefers.  It is our second most common toad. 

Distribution:  this species occurs throughout the western  2/3s of Texas, omitting most of the South Texas thornscrub.  It is found throughout the Nueces Canyon, but usually not far from rocky slopes.

Abundance:  extremely common

Conservation Status:  abundant in most areas,  their status is secure.

Comments:  This is our second most common toad.  Specimens from Arizona and Utah have much more distinctive red spots