Gulf Coast Toad
Bufo nebulifer

Description:  These are fairly large, destinctive toads, typically 3-4" in total length, and usually have a brownish background color with a light dorsal stripe and two light lateral stripes.  They have extremely large cranial crests, with a deep "valley" between their eyes.  Occasional individuals my be almost unicolored, but their cranial crests are distinctive.  Their call is a whirring trill.

Habitat:  this species may be found in any habitat, but prefers moisture.  It is the most common toad in the Nueces Canyon woodlands, but may also be found in thornscrub and on the plateau.  We have seen this toad frequently in crevices on road cuts throughout the area, and it is the most common "flower bed" toad in our area.

Distribution:  this species occurs throughout the southern  2/3s of Texas.  It is found throughout the Nueces Canyon, in all of our habitats.

Abundance:  extremely common

Conservation Status:  abundant in most areas,  their status is secure.

Comments:  our most common toad, it seems to be expanding its range in Texas.  Older reference books list it as a member of the species Bufo valliceps, a name that has been restricted to one of its close relatives in Mexico with which it was formerly confused.