Green Toad
Bufo debilis

Description:  These are rather small toads, typically 1-2" in total length, and are very distinctly green with small black dots.  The only other frog in the area that they could possibly be confused with is a male Couch's Spadefoot - these differ dramatically in size (they are much larger) and lack the distinctive warts, have vertical pupils, and possess a distinctive spade on the hind foot.  The call of the Green Toad is a distinctive nasal buzzing similar the the call of a cicada or locust.

Habitat:  these small toads are a species that favors rocky, dry grasslands, and most likely occur in our area both on top of the Plateau and in the thornscrub to the south.

Distribution:  these frogs occur from (more or less) San Antonio and Austin west into Arizona.  We have not confirmed this species for the Nueces Canyon, but it generally occurs in low population densities throughout its range, and is easily overlooked.  Furthermore, its call does not carry well, further making it difficult to detect.

Abundance:  generally uncommon, we have not confirmed this species for the Nueces Canyon.

Conservation Status:  although generally uncommon, they are not threatened and their status is secure.

Comments:  needs to be confirmed for the Nueces Canyon