Blanchard's Cricket Frog
Acris crepitans

Description:  These are small common frogs that are typically found near permanent water - they are a common sight all along the Nueces River.  They are usually smaller than 1 1/2" in total length, have a grayish dorsal color with scattered spots of darker color, large eyes, and slightly webbed feet.  They have a dark triangle behind and between each eye.  Some adults may have a greenish or reddish stripe down the back.  Nueces Canyon specimens are typically wartier than the one photographed at right.  Their calls are reminiscent of the sound made by two stones being clicked together.

Habitat:  This species occurs primarily near permanent water, but they may wander away from water on rainy or humid nights.

Distribution:  This species occurs thoughout the eastern 3/4s of the state from the Pecos River east (absent from the high plains west of Lubbock and Amarillo).

Abundance:  very common along all waterways

Conservation Status:  extremely common statewide and their status is secure.

Comments:  although these frogs don't look like it, they are close relatives of the tree frogs