Fall Feature, 1998

The zonatas of Washington and northern Oregon

Photo, right, by U.S. Forestry Service; Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

Part II: Photographs.

A view of a mountain side which houses a population of Lampropeltis zonata.
Washington 01
Washington 02
Typical volcanic rock slide in the Washington Cascades. Almost all rock in this area consists of the volcanic type. Many of these of the bolders range between one to two meters in diameter.
Open canopy oak and pine forest with nice rock outcrops staggered on a southern facing slope. Possibly suitable for Lampropeltis zonata.
Washington 03
Washington 04
Much of the land in this area has been clear cut and exists now as a cattle grazing area.
This river, emptying into the Columbia River, bisects the heart of zonata territory.
Washington 05

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