Texas Lyre Snake

(Trimorphodon biscutatus vilkinsoni)

Photo by John Hollister (click to enlarge)

Found in the Eagle Mountains in Hudspeth County Texas. Approx. 3 ft.

Size: Up to 47" commonly around 2-3 feet.

Range in Texas: Found only in the Trans-Pecos Region.

Comments: Protected in Texas, the Texas Lyre Snake, sometimes referred to as a Trimorph is a harmless rear fanged snake closely related to the cat-eyed snake found in South Texas. They are considered mildly venomous but not dangerous to humans. The snake in the above picture was found by John Hollister, Scott Acers and myself in the Eagle Mountains of Hudspeth county. When we first saw it, it was in a bush about 4 feet off the ground attempting to cross over into some rocks. I have found the Lyre Snakes to be most common on the River Road in Brewster and Presidio Counties. Thanks to John Hollister for letting me use his pictures. For more info visit John Hollister's page.

photo by John Hollister

Close up of Trimorph eye.