Great Plains (Emory's) Rat Snake

(Elaphe guttata emoryi)

3.5 ft. Male found in Sept. of 2000 in the Eagle Mountains of Hudspeth County

Size: Up to 6 ft. most commonly around 3-4 feet.   

Range in Texas: Found throughout Texas

Comments: A large powerful snake that will eat anything from rabbits to mice to birds. They are sometimes referred to locally as corn snakes. Although this snake is more common in the Easterly parts of its range. The one pictured above was the only one that I have found in Hudspeth County. The area that I found this one is covered in various Oak, Pinon Pine and Juniper. It had quite-a-bit darker ground color than those that I have found else where.  I used to find these fairly often growing up around the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. They make very good "pet" snakes, allow themselves to be handled and eat mice easily. In other areas like the river road and in Ft. Davis, they seem to come out when the humidity is a bit higher. The Rat Snake in the thumbnails was found in North Uvalde County on a ranch near the Nueces River. As you can see in the thumbnails, they like to climb trees. Click on either to enlarge.