(P. m. sayi)

Size: Up to 8+ feet and very powerfully built

Range in Texas: North, Central and West Texas. West to Culberson County where it intergrades with the Gopher Snake.    

The Bullsnake like the Gopher Snakes are very large powerful snakes. In my opinion the only snake in the U.S. that rivals the power of a Bullsnake is the Indigo Snake. Their personalities range from docile to psychotic. When they decide that they don't want to be messed with, they will let you know.  Although they are not at all dangerous to humans, they put on a good show when being defensive. They coil, hiss loudly and will bite at their attacker. Larger ones can really make a mess with their teeth.

This being said, I have also found Bullsnakes that were docile, wouldn't even attempt to bite and didn't mind being handled. I have known some people that have them as pets and wouldn't have anything else. Their prey varies from Jack Rabbits to deer mice. They are the farmers and ranchers best friend in that they consume huge amounts of rodents that would otherwise destroy crops. Click on the thumbnail to see a close-up.