Chat 25 Oct 2001 Transcript
Ken Foose
Herp'n Nevada

matt2 - howdy ken
foose - now, am i in the right place?
matt2 - yes ya are
matt2 - the folks show start showing up
matt2 - should start
foose - how do i get rid of the main window for Hollisters chat?
matt2 - click the x at top right hand corner
matt2 - here ya are
foose - I'm here
foose - and I will never leave again lol
matt2 - okies; the folks should start coming in any min
matt2 - I threatened my folks like that once, ken
matt2 - lol
matt2 - raviv; ken is having probs closing other room windows
foose - so, I think I got it
foose - it should be fine this way
matt2 - yes this is the right room
matt2 - okies
foose - I'll just keep it this way
matt2 - and again I appreciate you taking of your time tonight

WormRaviv - ok.
foose - no worries
foose - needed a break from putting out sand anyway
matt2 - weather still warm there?
foose - about 85 today
matt2 - high 70's here in west texas
matt2 - but it still beats oregon
foose - not bad
foose - I was in Washington as you know, it was snowing when I left Tuesday
WormRaviv - It snows there in fall? Freaky.
matt2 - oregon has it's points but I love sunshine and herp'n
foose - me too
foose - I will never go there again
matt2 - lol
matt2 - I spent 13 years in oregon, after living in n. fla - what a change that was
foose - I bet
foose - Kim is still trying to talk me into moving back to Florida with her
matt2 - been out here in midland texas since june and love it
matt2 - what parta fla
foose - she's from Tampa
foose - but she wants to live in the Keys
CoreyS - matt2:
foose - too wet there for me
matt2 - we were in lake city
CoreyS - whats up
matt2 - coreys just moved to washington from GA. poor guy
matt2 - :)
CoreyS - tired
foose - what part of Wash Corey?
matt2 - gettin a lota sunshine there, are ya corey?
CoreyS - been writing perl scripts all day
CoreyS - some
CoreyS - im in seattle
foose - ah
foose - I was there last week or so, when it was raining like hell
CoreyS - raining like hell?
matt2 - I'm gonna go round the gangup, brb in a sec
CoreyS - i havent see a hard rain in seattle yet
foose - made me decide not to ever move back
foose - I was comming down over the pass, was raining real hard
CoreyS - austinbrown is a trouble maker
CoreyS - he was flooding geckochat
matt2 - we'll give it a few more mins for folks to get here
foose - I don't know what flooding means
foose - aw Bill, no one wants to hear me chat lol
foose - tried to tell you so
matt2 - what?
foose - lol
CoreyS - ill sit here and listen to you chat
CoreyS - dont know who you are
foose - haha
CoreyS - but anything is better than programming right now
foose - nor do I

- what species do you keep?
foose - I'm one of the old ones Corey
foose - wow, that is a broad question
CoreyS - ok
foose - I breed mainly colubrids
CoreyS - what species do you keep in large numbers
foose - got about 1,300 snakes
foose - couple hundred lizards
foose - few turtles and torts
foose - mostly I work with pet store stuff
foose - nothing fancy
foose - I own a pet store
CoreyS - cool
foose - lots of corns
Conda_Keeper - Yeah I bet
foose - kings of all kinds
CoreyS - i own a couple web sites, and sell things off them
foose - some oddball colubrids
rachl - hello
CoreyS - life is good for me.

- Get some real constrictors goin foose
foose - I have never tried to sell over the net
CoreyS - matt: there i got you some people
foose - Conda, not really
Conda_Keeper - Why not??
foose - I have too many snakes to go for anything too big
Erik_ - hi matt
foose - space is a premium
Conda_Keeper - Yeah I guess

matt2 - welc erik
foose - I work with a variety of sand boas
Conda_Keeper - One of my snakes talkes up about 10' x 4' of space with her cage
foose - and small pythons, childrens, spotted, etc
foose - a few rosy boas
foose - but mostly I work with egg layers
Conda_Keeper - I'm waiting for a rosy to drop now foose
foose - me too lol
Conda_Keeper - What type?
CoreyS - matt2: ive got the dallas/fort worth zoo vet looking into the freak deaths.
Conda_Keeper - My pair is Mid-Baja
foose - I have a small selection of just about all localities

- how did you get into herps?
Conda_Keeper - I was late taking the pair out of brumation
foose - got bit by a copperhead when I was 9 years old
Conda_Keeper - Who rachl??
matt2 - ouch
Conda_Keeper - Dang
matt2 - caught my first transpecos copper in july
foose - got my mom to bring me every book on snakes she could find when I was in the hospital
foose - so i could learn how to kill them
matt2 - lol
Conda_Keeper - hahaha
rachl - my brother almost got bit my a rattler, scared me half to death
Conda_Keeper - First snake I held was a 13ft burm
foose - the first copperhead I saw when I got out I slaughtered
Erik_ - same
foose - it was not pretty
Conda_Keeper - I was 14
Erik_ - 10
foose - last snake I ever killed because I hated them
Conda_Keeper - Started keepeing snakes at 18
foose - now look at me
foose - sigh
matt2 - lol
Conda_Keeper - lmao

- I bred my first snake when I was 11 lol
Conda_Keeper - What was it?
foose - red milk snake
matt2 - kewl
Conda_Keeper - Cool
Conda_Keeper - Have trouble incubating the eggs?

- i heard corns can be picky eaters? is this true?
foose - lol, that was in 1970
foose - no, that's not really true Rachl
Conda_Keeper - Sometimes hatchlings can rachl
foose - corns are the guppy of the snake world
Conda_Keeper - Not usually though
rachl - hmm, ok
foose - 99 out of 100 will eat frozen/thawed pinks as thier first meal

- just for future reference what are the best bigineer snakes?
Conda_Keeper - You do get the occasional little craphead feeder though
foose - corns by far, although some kings are great
foose - Conda, of course you do
Conda_Keeper - Rosies are great beginners too
foose - goes with the territory
foose - Rosies are great snakes
Conda_Keeper - Very docile
rachl - do they have pleasent temperments
foose - yep
rachl - cool]
foose - I personaly like the big colubrids
rachl - i may everntually get a snake, but i cant right now
foose - Beauty snakes, and such
Conda_Keeper - I've never seen one show the slightest bit of aggresion towards people
rachl - cool
foose - lol, most of my rosies bite

- what type of carrers are there that deal with herps?
foose - but keep in mind, I never handle them at all
Conda_Keeper - Yeah
foose - Matt, has this thing actually started yet?
foose - lol
CoreyS - hmm
CoreyS - bad day to have it I guess
matt2 - we can get it started now, others will join
CoreyS - used to have a lot more people
Conda_Keeper - When mine were brumating I never handled them for nearly 2 months, then when I finally took them out and handled them, I had the smell of rats on my hands from feeding one of my big boas and neither of the pair even made an attempt to bite
foose - no hurry
SS-Gohan - bam
Conda_Keeper - Damnit

foose - I got golopagos torts in my back yard, do those count as Nevada herps?
matt2 - ..ask one question and then I'll call on the next person
SS-Gohan - whos ken?
matt2 - shh
matt2 - anyway, here we go

rachl - what got you started in the herp fields and herps?
foose - well, I got bit by a copperhead when I was 9, I guess that's how it all started
rachl - ouch
foose - later I worked as a collector for Kansas U
foose - I provided a lot of the animals for the herp department

SS-Gohan - what kind of snakes to u have?
SS-Gohan - do*
foose - I keep a large variety of colubrids mainly
foose - lots of pet store stuff
SS-Gohan - any pythons?
foose - a few

- what herps can i find near elko?
foose - hmm, great basin gopher, great basin rattler
TRIMTRIG - any geckos
foose - garter snakes, california kings
foose - no geckos
foose - ground snakes, night snakes
TRIMTRIG - how far would i have to go for them
TRIMTRIG - geckos that is
foose - and perhaps Utah Mt Kings if you are real lucky
foose - banded geckos are found in the Mojave
TRIMTRIG - did not know they went that far west
foose - you would have to go south to Beaty Nv
TRIMTRIG - oh ok

matt2 - ken have ya been fortunate nough to find a gila in nevada
foose - I have found 3 gilas in my life
foose - One was just outside of Needles, right on the state line
foose - the other two were near Sandy Valley
foose - those two might have been the same animal too
foose - next
matt2 - conda; your question

- What in your opinion would be the best colubrids for me to start off with(breeding wise),I want to get into pythons but colubrids are a smaller egg-layer
Conda_Keeper - I've already got my hands full with boids
foose - any type of rat snake or kingsnake, the corns being the best to start with in my opinion
foose - next

rachl - wat sort of businesses and school workwith herps (i have to start thinking about carrers and collage) and speaking of gilas i found one in the desert once with my dad.
foose - well, I started off as a keeper at the Topeka zoo
rachl - lol sorry
Conda_Keeper - :)
foose - zoo work is fun, If you can stand the polotics
foose - I make more money being on my own
rachl - what are they?
foose - just depends on what you want to do

Conda_Keeper - Sorry to interupt, but I've gotta run. It was nice talkin with you Mr. Foose. Talk to everyone later.
foose - later, thanks
matt2 - ss:
Conda_Keeper - Bye

- ever been herping in fresno, cali if so wheres a good place to find mountain kings?
foose - I'm not sure, I have not really collected there a lot
foose - the best person to help you there is Rick Staub
SS-Gohan - oh :(
foose - he is the man on mt kings
foose - outa have him on here soon
SS-Gohan - how do i contact him?
foose - he is always posted on the Field collecting forum
foose - try there
SS-Gohan - oh tks

CoreyS - What is the most unsual thing you have found while field collecting/herping
foose - found a 2 headed great basin gopher snake once
CoreyS - cool.
CoreyS - dead/live ect?
foose - alive
foose - stupid looking thing
foose - about 3 ft long
foose - suprised that it had lived so long
foose - next

CoreyS - ever find anything morph wise ? albino, stripe ect?
foose - a few abberant kingsnakes
foose - nothing out of the ordinary though
foose - next
matt2 - rachl
rachl - do you know of any collages that teach herp related classes or offers degrees
foose - Kansas University, U of Washington, UC Davis
foose - Florida State
foose - to name a few
foose - next

CoreyS - what lizard species do you keep
foose - Frilleds, blue tongues, Cayman Island iguanas, uromastyx, armadillo lizards
foose - a few others
foose - I do keep caimen lizards also, I like them a lot
foose - next

rachl - are there any good website to look on the internet for herp related jobs or collage, and classes to takwe in high school
foose - not real sure rachl
foose - I'm no expert on this computer stuff
SS-Gohan - psss ask your teach rachl
foose - bet someone in here knows though
CoreyS - sorry to interupt, rachl yes

SS-Gohan - wheres the best place to find anything in fresno?
foose - the zoo has a nice collection
foose - otherwise, I could not really tell you , sorry
matt2 - worm-passes
foose - I am a long ways from central Cali
matt2 - have you had good luck finding roseys in nevada
SS-Gohan - they wont let me take the herps home at the zoo
foose - lol, no rosies in Nevada
foose - shhh

- what hot is your fav
foose - false water cobra, if that counts
matt2 - corey
CoreyS - do you have a price list?
foose - my favorite snake
foose - Corey, no I don't, I'm strictly retail
matt2 - erick, your question:
matt2 - rachl
rachl - do you keep any insects or arachnids?
foose - personaly, no, but I do carry a large variety in my store

SS-Gohan - whats the bigest snake u have?
SS-Gohan - and how big?
Erik_ - what u mean matt?
foose - I have a 16 ft albino burm in the store, personally my largest snake is a false water cobra, about 9 ft
matt2 - (erik; when I call on ya, you can ask ken foose a q)
Erik_ - I don't have any right now ;)
SS-Gohan - cool

matt2 - ken what herp project are ya working on now
foose - well, I have one biggie now
foose - let's just say that it involves a new albinow morph
matt2 - kewl
matt2 - coreys
foose - It should be on the market in a few more years
foose - working the bugs out now

rachl - what type of lizards and snakes do you breed?
foose - I breed mostly colubrids, a few boids, and mostly blue tongue skinks and frilled dragons
rachl - cool
foose - some iguanids also
foose - next

matt2 - what area of the country is your fav herp'n
foose - Well, I love Nevada, but I would say the Big Bend is my fav
foose - Juno rd is great, love it there

CoreyS - what species of skinks do you have?
matt2 - corey
foose - northern, eastern, New Guinie, Iran jya
foose - and some pink tongues
SS-Gohan - ?
foose - next
matt2 - erik
foose - pink tongue skinks
foose - all Teliquia
Erik_ - in genral, with skitish reptiles, what can I do to make them feel more secure
Erik_ - some have allready told me, just curions on your thought
foose - well, depending on the species requirnments
Erik_ - Chinese cool loving geckos
foose - hiding places are always good, hard to be general though
Erik_ - get stressed very easy
foose - me too,
foose - I keep chinese leopard geckos

foose - my fav at the moment is the Caimen lizard
Zoe - matt - huh?
Erik_ - geesh hurry up got to be my turn

SS-Gohan - what kind of pythons to u have?
foose - spotted, childrens, blackhead, diamond
foose - next

Zoe - um, my young western hognose snake hasnt eating in over a month and a week and i dont know what to do. i think he made he made bite marks in the last pinkie but he didnt eat it
Zoe - what do i do?
foose - hmm, they can be problem starters
foose - has it eaten for you before?
Zoe - no
foose - try scenting it with a frog or toad (the pinkie)
Zoe - did, no luck
Zoe - brained it, no luck
foose - ok, try to brain it
foose - oh
Zoe - played "puppet" no luck
foose - try a small frog
Zoe - i cant do that to a frog
matt2 - one question, please, zoe
Zoe - besides id have to buy one
Zoe - oh okay

Erik_ - I got a pair of Gonis. araneus, very skitish and haven't seen them eat
Erik_ - what can I do to make them feel better and eat more, there proven breeders and FAT at the time
foose - try providing thier food in a hide box
Erik_ - seperate from the one they usually use?
foose - try anything to make them more comphy
foose - if they are fat, I would not worry
foose - also, how long have you had them?
Erik_ - a week and a half
foose - no worries, give them some time

rachl - what is your most memerable moment out herping?
Zoe - my first egg hatching
foose - got lots of them, the best is in the Amazon
foose - too many stories to tell here

matt2 - sure ya don't wanna ask ken bout his copper bite, bobby
SnakesAndStuff - sure
SnakesAndStuff - how about that copper bite? when where, how? :-)
foose - Jefferson City, MO, on my hand, being stupid
foose - my first snake catch
foose - thought i was Marlin Perkins
SnakesAndStuff - How long ago? have you fully recovered?
foose - always worked for him on tv
foose - It was mild, keep in mind that copperheads are not leathal
SnakesAndStuff - I keep 8 coppers :-)
foose - was in the hospital a week
foose - but i was only 9
SnakesAndStuff - that's bad for a copper
SnakesAndStuff - ohhhhhhhh
SnakesAndStuff - that's why then

Zoe - anyone here work with bent toed geckos?
Zoe - cyro pengu something...
foose - I used to, not anymore
foose - no time
Zoe - what did you think?
matt2 - I pass, corey? you pass?
matt2 - erik

Erik_ - what tips on the gonis can u suggest
foose - give them time to adjust to the new setting, they should do fine with a little time
foose - you should have no problems

rachl - just an interesing question, my leo seems to be obsesed with his repti hammack, could this just be he likes it, or is there something wrong with my set up?
foose - I don't know rachl
rachl - ok thx
foose - I have not seen your setup

SnakesAndStuff - Do you have any lasting nerve damage/ lost feeling from the copper bite? The reason I ask is I was bitten by a cottonmouth about 3 weeks ago and wondering if I'll ever get my felling back 100%

SnakesAndStuff - sorry, thought it was my turn :-/
foose - I can't give blood, that's about it
SS-Gohan - lol

SnakesAndStuff - foose: what do you find to be normal clutch size in your coppers...
SnakesAndStuff - Mine had 4, I've read that 4 is normal, but can vary from 1 - 18
foose - varies from size and sub species
SS-Gohan - one question..........
foose - normal litter is about 10
foose - had up to 30

SS-Gohan - have u ever been bit by a rattler
matt2 - no, erik
foose - no
SS-Gohan - oh
foose - got bit once, that was enough
matt2 - ken are coming out to big bend next year
foose - I'm going to try very hard to make it out in June
foose - love it there, one of the best places on earth
matt2 - kewl, a bunch of us from here are gonna meetup
matt2 - ok, erik
foose - very cool, keep me posted

- Do the gonis like hides small and tight, or bigger and roomy?
foose - make them small
foose - they feel more secure that way
foose - next
Erik_ - oh ok
matt2 - nightcreatures (ron somebody er other) is gonna be there - caught an albino suboc last june
matt2 - your q: ron
NightCreatures - hey, that is a secret
matt2 - :)
foose - lol
foose - not anymore

foose - old?
foose - hmmm
NightCreatures - how common are kings in Neveda?
foose - very common, found throughout the state
foose - not so easy to find, but they are everywhere
NightCreatures - do they look more like calif kings or yumas?
matt2 - (ron even spells like a texan)
foose - well, the famous black and whites originate here
foose - up north near Reno they are brown and yellow
foose - colors really vary
foose - just no striped ones is all

foose - thermal gradient of between 100 and 70 degrees
foose - let them tell you what they like
foose - next
matt2 - kes: your question
Erik_ - 100!?

matt2 - ken; whats the scariest herp adventure ya had
foose - lol
NightCreatures - when do you think is the best month to herp TX and Nv deserts??
foose - well I was herping with Jim Murphy in Peru
foose - desided to cross a large log over a steep ravine
foose - halfway across it broke in half
foose - I landed on my ass with my legs dangling over the edge
matt2 - dang
foose - was able to make it back to safety
rachl - close
foose - only to find that the log was full of some kind of flesh eating beattle
foose - beetles that is
rachl - lol
foose - i had to strip naked and try to remove them from my crotch/butt area
rachl - ouch
foose - as I did this, I found a large coral snake
foose - so there I was, naked, being eaten alive, and still trying to catch a coral snake in the dark in the rain
rachl - lol
foose - it is funny now, but at the time it was not lol
rachl - i bet it wasnt
rachl - was, sorry
foose - the best time to collect tx is in June i have found
foose - Nevada is early March
foose - just for the recordn
foose - next

Barry--4 - First off hello and sorry about being so late, I am a avid hot snake fan, and have had scutulatus before found them to be rather mild tempered compared to atrox, whats your experience with both species
foose - I tend to agree with you Barry
foose - I have worked with both a lot, and have found that I am very fond of atrox
foose - however, Mojave does have its cool points
foose - please be careful
Barry--4 - have heard horror stories about crazy Mojaves, and calm atrox
foose - remember, the only folks that work with hot snakes, are experts and fools
foose - make sure you are not the later
Barry--4 - I am latter
Barry--4 - kidding
foose - I see a lot of people that get bit
foose - it makes it bad for all of us when that happens, you know how the press is
Barry--4 - hahaha

- I'm embarassed about mine.
matt2 - rachl
rachl - what types of herps could i find i the arazona- colorado area?
foose - ask Snakes
foose - Arizona has a large selection of herps, as does southern Colorado
foose - you should get a field guide to see what is there for sure
foose - next
matt2 - what is or was the most prized herp ya found in the wild
rachl - i found a rataller in the field behind my house one day
matt2 - oops, sorry, bobby, I'll call ya next
foose - I caught a large hog nosed viper in Costa Rico, and a bushmaster
foose - those were pretty cool
matt2 - wow
matt2 - ok; bobby
foose - also fought an American croc down there, it won

- foose: do you have very much experience with elapids? If so, how do you personally think they differ from vipers
foose - I worked at the venomology lab at WSU for 3 years
foose - I have worked with elapids a lot
SnakesAndStuff - Impressive
foose - I feel that vipers are a lot harder to work with
foose - vipers are the ultamate in snake evolution I do think personaly