Chat Week 2001 Transcript
March 2001 - Dick Bartlett

PythonGirl - my bp has always eaten live and I wanted to get him on prekilled
PythonGirl - How can I get my bp to eat prekilled mice?
DBartlett - Re Tiliqua-- pers comm with some very prominent folks in the area and they have assured me of the quite considerable numbers going north across the straits
DBartlett - Some are tough, but we feed at night, placing the nose of the warmed mouse in the hide box, and most feed right away,
PythonGirl - thanks

rosyman - Dick, if you had to select ONE lens for herp photography, what would it be?
DBartlett - Hi--- I prefer my Canon 100mm macro. it is fairly light and very versatile.
rosyman - And have you selected a digital camera yet?
DBartlett - nope. not for a while.

russ - i"m thinking about a herping trip to central america>what would be your favorite spot for a first time trip?
Yuri - Anyone have any information about Indonesia?Going there this summer, wanna bring stuff back
DBartlett -There are so many great places that that's a tough call. Costa Rica is among my favorite areas though
russ - thanks dick any advice?
DBartlett - The rain forest id getting hard to find. Personally, I'd sigh up on a tour for my first trip.

snakeguy - Where can one find north carolinian kingsnakes (Chain...L.g.g.)? as in what kind of habitat would be best?
DBartlett - They-re very common open woodland and savanna snakes. Checking debris near old houses and along canals almost always works

Yuri - Can you tell me the basics to bringing stuff back form Indonesia(mainly tarantulas)?
Yuri - going there this summer
DBartlett - Sorry, I can't-- but check with Ruston Hartgeden at Dallas Zoo. He's going over for research project
DBartlett - I am really enamored of the peruvian amazon lately Bill

Barry4 - Mr. Bartlett, about breeding of redtails it a matter of size or age
chrisss - my red tail will only eat something diffrent each feeding is this normal or is he just fussy
DBartlett - Hi Barry, I personally think its a matter of both.
DBartlett - And he's fussy!

DrAlbino - And if you are allowd to ask more then one question at a time: Do you feel that the hype on louisiana pines being pure or hybrids is justified, also do you think they deserve such a reputation for being " pure " animals in the wild when their natural range is so close to other pituophis species? And if you can answer 2 questions... are the two p. l. lineaticollis and p.l.gibsoni (from mexico, and guatamala) rare?
DrAlbino - sorry... ignore the first part " And if you are allowd to ask more then one question at a time:" I had it pre-typed
DBartlett - I have never found a LA pine in the wild, but I have found obvious intergrades very near to their range. I am not familiar with the two Latin races.

JCP69 ever been herpin in virginia?
JCP69any good spots
DBartlett Yes-- pretty much in the eastern section though
JCP69 towards thye beach
DBartlett North of the dismal alon the coast is great

JIMI What is the best place to find eastern milks in michigan... as in, the type of terrain/habitat and part of the state or other MI prime herpin spots?
DBartlett We found them last year pretty much allo over the state. They were along streams, canals, swamps, and in high-dry rocky areas

Jordan_Russell Do you feel that a Subspecific cross is an intergrade or a hybrid? (ie. Boa Constrictor Occidentalus X Boa Constrictor Longicauda or Boa Constrictor Ortonii' etc...)
DBartlett if its contiguous its an intergrad-- if non contiguous, a hybrid
JIMI thanks
Jordan_Russellok thanks

PythonGirl I live in TX and was wandering where a reptile show was close to the Fort Worth area and when it starts? Where is good herpin area close by Fort Worth? If you can't answer both answer the first question.
DBartlett contact me after at and I'll give you a name
PythonGirl k

reggie so what n.g. throughly discovered by the Dutch making it only gigas' .? n.g. herpfuana is being discovered all the time. what's your theory on the tanibar island species? hypbrid or a serparate sp? subspecies?
DBartlett From what I've seen, Tanimbar is a sp. But, there are some pretty good breeding farms on NG that were partially funded by USA dealers.

rosyman Have you photographed any C. l. klauberi in Mexico, and, if you have, are they as variable over their range as I have heard?
reggie tanibar was discribed last year as Tiliqua sc. chimaera
DBartlett Yes I have, and although most animals w/in a populations are similar, there is tremendous diversity.
DBartlett I don't have that info, but they just had one, and i think it was advertised in reptiles, and perhaps, on kingsnake

snakeguy What is the best way to calm a snake when first encountered?
DBartlett WOW. Some aren't easily placated. I was held at bay by a 4 foot red-bellied water for 30 minutes, but have had rattlers very quiescent. I don';t think there's a single way.

JeffB Who is the most interesting person youve herped with
DBartlett There have been many Jeff, but Randy Babb, Paul Moler, Charlier Painter, and Dennie Miller are great examples
JeffB thanks

matt2 my turn: Dick what was your most sought after herp that you've found thusfar
DBartlett It'd probably be easier to list my failures Matt. I'm still looking after 40 nyears for Holbrookia lacerata and Eleutherodactylus guttilatus. I just found Pipa snethlageae-- that was a thrill.

Barry4 About Canebrakes and timber, don't mean to beat a dead horse, but do you believe they should be seperate species/ sub-species
DBartlett I do, but they will noit be resurrected in the near future-- if ever.

BrettA14I herd that a snakes shed is not as long as the snake really is, is this true, If so whats the fourmala to figure it out how long it really is ??
DBartlett The shed is actually longer, and there is no true formula.
BrettA14 thankx

Chester_Chat About what time of year do eastern milksnakes come out of brumation in Mid-Michigan?
DBartlett We found ours in late May and June. I dont go to MI much. Talk with Terry Cox on the Field Collecting Forum on kingsnake.
Chester_Chat Thank you very much

inlands measure shed and minus 10 % = approx snake length

DrAlbino Have you ever been herping in Oregon? At this time of year, what is the best place to go for catching Pacific Gophers (p.c.catenifer)
DBartlett Sorry--OR is an unknown entity to me.

inlands ever field collected in australia
DBartlett nope.. but re formula-- we just got a 38 inch fer-de-lance in Peru and the shed he was exiting was 49 inchs long and S T R E T C H E D

JIMI for someone who is interested in starting field herping in southern ontario (i live beside a huge conservation area), what would be the best way to learn to field herp in my area: research the habitats of certain herps in my area, or to actually go out on foot and randomly try to spot herps, learning that way instead of from books? research vs field experience
DBartlett Hi JIMI-- I'd look up a field researcher and ask to tag along for a couple of times.

PythonGirl same question. Where is a good show close to the Fort Worth area and when does it start?
DBartlett sorry-still can't answer.. do you get Reptiles Magazine. Many shows are advertised in there
PythonGirl yes I do

reggie the albino tiliqua you have in your book,tiliqua sc,sure looks amelinstic. did you compare that one to Carls Swatag? are there a difference in these two animals?
PythonGirl where should I look in there
DBartlett Hi Reggie-- The one I photoed had reddish eyes. Sadly it didn't live long.
reggie i know sad but it looks more amelinistic
reggiedid you take a look at carl's animal?
DBartlett Amel rather equates to albino, doesn't it?
reggie no

rosyman P. deppei jani and P. deppei deppei -- best way to differentiate in the field (other than locale)?
DBartlett Semantics, I believe.
JeffB pythongirl loook at
rosyman A, yes.

russ Dick,is there anyplace that you would like to visit that you haven't ?
DBartlett I really have little field ex with either of the deppei
DBartlett Lotsa places Russ..and many of them in the USA
russ anyplace in the northeast?

snakeguy Where are some "hot spots" for various (non-venomous) snakes in Northeast NC? If there aren't any, then relativally "hot".
DBartlettThe wilmington area is good, and the Albemarle peninsula
DBartlett look of old houses

TxHerper I have a 5 year old what is believed to be albino female emoryi that was given to me from Bob Mackin in Seattle WA. Last month I talked to Don Soderberg about this snake, he looked at it and told me it was a cross. Saying he had the only albino Emoryi foundation line. Do you think this is true? Bob stands by his word, it is an emoryi...anyways to confrim if this snake is emoryi or common corn snake?
DBartlettI think that the chance is excellent. I seriously doubt that there is only one alb emori in existence
TxHerper Thank you!

matt2Dick do you plan on returning to the huachuccas anytime soon
JeffB> If you were stranded on a desert Island and could only have 5 herp books what would they be
DBartlett Not until 2002. Too much going on in TX and Peru this year.

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DBartlett Well, how about the Kauffelf classics, and
Barry4 I was hit hard by paramyxovirus, necropsy comfirmed, seems that there is a resurgence of this devestating problem I have seen post of persons discribing symptomology all to familiar too me, have you heard of this thing making it's rounds again.
DBartlett yes-- it has recently been mentioned to me
DBartlett sorry for your problems

DrAlbino Do you know of anyone that is importing reptiles from Southern Mexico or Guatamala? If no, how could I find out of a person is/or can do this?
DrAlbino if a person*
DBartlett There seems to be one person in s-FL-- Al Weinberg
DrAlbino Where does he import from?
DBartlett I don't have that info
DrAlbino ok, thanks

JeffB Dick we are at the end of the hour,would you like to continue or do you need to go?
FortySixAnd2 What's your opinion on sonoran desert dwarf redtail boas?
DBartlett i think I'll run Jeff, unless there's something important. Thanx for the opportunity and to all here
Barry4 thank you

RichH In good ole florida can you still find any nice kings (lampropeltis getulus) roaming around where you currently live or have they been pretty much wiped out. I have tried on many occasions to photograph getulus in the area but have not seen many out there in the past 5 years. Actually, the only king I came across in all of "99" for example was one huge male brooksi in homestead. Further north though has been pretty bleak.
matt2 Thanks so much for your time Dick
RichH sorry
RichH had that built up for you :)))
DBartlett wiped out!!!!~\

JeffB Dick thanks for being our guest tonight we'd love tio have you back sometime
rosyman These little chats wear a body thin don't they Dick?
matt2 ok; folks, this concludes tonight's #Guestchat, ya may join us in either #kingsnake or #herpchat rooms
TxHerper well back to the main room for me
DBartlett when you types as badly as me, yes

DBartlett take care all
JeffB Everyone stay tuned fro Aprils chat