Chat 2001 Transcript
Ralph Davis
Ball Pythons

RDR - whats the topic?
Matt2 - ball pythons (and baos if ya want)
RDR - where is Ralph?
RDR - boas
RDR - ok
matt2 - ok; shall we get started
RDR - sure
snakeboy - sure
Jared - yes

- Ralph, how close are you to producing the first snow ball python? Are you breeding any DHs (for snow) this year? Do you know of anyone else breeding DH X DH this year?
RDR - i will be breeding double het x doeble het next year
RDR - late summer this year..
RDR - Jolliff line
RDR - I'm working on the barker line.
Matt2 - creepy: your q
RDR - yes...there are breeders with double hets breeding now..
RDR - it is close

Jared Ralph, whats up with the male B&W? We gunna make more? she is almost ready......
RDR - sure....
Jared - he looking good?
RDR - if you do not send it to jeff..
Jared - im not!
RDR - good
RDR - :)
Jared lol
RDR - he looks gerat
Jared - its our project!

RDR - very weird mutation we have there jared..?
Jared yep..
RDR - needs to be cleaned up with axanthic
FresnoHerper - when is somebody going to produce an albino pie bald ball python????
RDR - not sure
Jared nope yer anery!!!!!!!
matt2 - wait your turn fresno
RDR - I will make dh next year
FresnoHerper - you said to ask
matt2 - love2 your q;
RDR - yes jared..the anery
RDR - good deal

love2 - Hi Ralph........When are your first PLATTY eggs due to hatch?
RDR - first gilr is going into prelay shed now..
RDR - 40 days till eggs
love2 - YEA !!!!
RDR - 55 days from there
love2 - thanks
RDR - its all good;)
matt2 - mutant; your q
MutantRoach - how much for the platty?
RDR - 25k
RDR - males
MutantRoach - ok
RDR - hets will be 15k a pair
RDR - not in stone though
MutantRoach - thats better

nahirean - Ralph, Do you think that *albino* balls will EVER be affordable? =] Forgive my sarcasm. =]
RDR - yes
RDR - whasts affordable to you?
RDR - 1k?
nahirean - 1k or under =]
RDR - several more years
nahirean - *nod* thanks
ratrace - why are ball python morphs so expensive??? per EricC
RDR - DH will make then more valuable
RDR - rare
RDR - desirable they are...
ratrace - ok thanks

- how many snakes do you have
RDR - 300 or so

Ralph, your starting to speak like YODA..........OK....2 questions..........first:is anyone else working on dbl hets with caramel albinos? i just bred my male het caramel to one of my female ghosts, so i have my fingers crossed there...and 2nd whats up with the albino suriname(i kow its a boa question)
RDR - thats all I know so far
Jared - with what ?
RDR - im doing axanthic x yellow hypo
Jared - true ghost!
RDR - surinam.........
Jared - nice/..
Jared - yeah..
RDR - he is out of country
RDR - Im waiting for hets
Jared - you getting him?
RDR - no
RDR - just hets
RDR - but
love2 - Besides the PLATTY....what's the breeding project you are most excited about?
RDR - anery
RDR - and lav albinos
love2 - cool
RDR - yep
RDR - need more pieds too.......
RDR - and the striped albino

- EricC ask "who buys the morphs?? Is it people who want them as breeders or as pets??"
RDR - breeders
RDR - investors
snakeboy - How much for a male pie bald ball python???
RDR - 22.5k
snakeboy - wow
RDR - yep

- are pac man frogs good pets?
RDR - yes
RDR - i love them
Sulcatta - ok
RDR - watch your fingers...

- Are there any freindly, safe pythons for a semi-begginer, but not the ball python since its so much?
RDR - sure
RDR - children
RDR - spotted
RDR - carpets
tecnobob - i have a garter now
tecnobob - ok, thanks, ill remember
RDR - sand boas are nice too

- Can you make DH's for snow using the T+ Albino(carmel albino) just like you would using the T- albino ball python? Anybody working on T+ Albino X axanthic?
RDR - nice snake
RDR - \i would say no
RDR - the t = will not make a snow as we know it
RDR - t+
RDR - sorry
RDR - but it would be cool..
sipOFpop - cool is good

- whats your best herp
RDR - nobody is working the t+ x axanthic yet... that I know of
RDR - my turtles
RDR - the best
RDR - map turtles
RDR - ok
RDR - matt

- Ralph, 2 questions again...........1st: What do you think will happen with the labby's? and 2nd: What do you think about bloods?(ivory's mainly) I am being offered an adult male ivory, but im hesitant on getting him.....what do you think??
RDR - labs are cool.....
Jared - im raising my female up now..
RDR - they will be well liked when we make more....
RDR - alot we can do with them
RDR - as for the white blood
Jared - heck yeah!
Jared - yup???
RDR - there are 2 being offered now
Jared - males/
RDR - too much money
Jared - yeah..
RDR - yes..males
Jared - exactly.....
RDR - tracy has it covered
Jared - ok..
Jared - thanks..
RDR - bloods are hard sales....
RDR - very hard
love2 - What do you think is the 'key' to a true LUCY?
RDR - I passeed on the bloods..
RDR - luck.....
Jared - thanks.
RDR - its own gene
RDR - there is no key

- EricC ask "has anyone crossed the salmon and the arabesque traits in boas??"
RDR - not sure
RDR - arab x albino
RDR - all i know

- I heard that most types of boas are biters is this true???
RDR - not really snakeboy
snakeboy - thanks
RDR - all snakes bite
RDR - boas have a great feeding responce..

- i have 2; 1) can snakes, not necessarily boas, be trained to be hand held or walk around outside its cage without trying to get away or bite? sorry for such general q's 2) can two different breeds of baos be breed?
RDR - snakes can not be trained....IMO
tecnobob - IMO?
RDR - but they do get a routine
RDR - my opinion
RDR - yes 2 breeds of boas can....
tecnobob - cool
tecnobob - but.....?
RDR - but what
tecnobob - oh, i thought you didnt finish
tecnobob - ok, im done
tecnobob - thanks

- Ralph , This is a little of subject but , I was looking at an old vivarium mag. and i saw something called a brindle boa. Have you ever heard of that moph?
albinoball - *off
RDR - yes I have
RDR - it pops up now and again.....
albinoball - Well , I saw one in that mag. have never seen one since o rhave i seen anyone breeding/ selling them
RDR - double het breedings..esp.
RDR - i have one
RDR - a snow boa
RDR - next
albinoball - oh so they are a morph of snow?
RDR - no
matt2 - bbes; your q;
RDR - they are a morp[h of anything
albinoball - ok thanx
RDR - they can pop up anytime
tecnobob - sorry to budge in, do you (RDR) have a site?
RDR - rare
RDR - but it happens

- yea ralph do you breed any normals
tecnobob - cool, im gonna check it out
RDR - normal what?
Bill_C - balss or snakes in common
Bill_C - balls
Snowball - What the hell
RDR - yes
RDR - i breed normal females to homo and het males
RDR - but rarely produce normals
Bill_C - thanks
RDR - normals are bi-products
RDR - of double het breedings sometimes

- do you have a pixie frogs?
herpinboy - frog
RDR - i did
RDR - he just died
RDR - 10 years old
herpinboy - did it die
RDR - yes

- EricC asked "Have you ever hear or seen a silver burmese, off subject sorry??"
love2 - have a kid in my lap
RDR - no
ratrace - thanks

snakeboy - When should I start feeding my ball python small rats???
RDR - at 500 grams
snakeboy - ok
RDR - 6 months old
RDR - very small rats

- is there any differance between albino and regular pacman frogs? (besides looks)
RDR - nope
RDR - just looks
Sulcatta - cool
RDR - and price

- how old are Ralph?
RDR - 33
herpinboy - cool
RDR - you?
herpinboy - 16
RDR - nice age......

- oldest snake you have?
RDR - hmmmmm
RDR - ten
RDR - some may be older?
love2 - that all?
RDR - the imports.?
RDR - yes
love2 - figured you would have some older
RDR - nope

- Do tree boas make good pets???
RDR - yes
RDR - neat to set up too
RDR - very interesting snakes..
snakeboy - cool

- Ralph, please elaborate on your projects with Piebalds, what you are focusing on now and the future?
RDR - more pieds
RDR - platty pied
Snowboa - be more elaborate
RDR - albino pied
Snowboa - time it will take?
RDR - axanthic pied
RDR - time?

- So , Do you have any secret ball python morphs up your sleves this or next season or are you just waiting
RDR - i just need them to breed....
RDR - shhhhhhhh
Snowboa - Albino you're outta turn

Snowboa - allrite... with time needed to raise them, breed, whats your estimation
Snowboa - on the arrival of Axanthic Piebalds?
RDR - 3 years
Snowboa - Done
RDR - i 'm very lucky......
RDR - yes
RDR - it can be done
Snowboa - Lucky?
Snowboa - whys that?
RDR - my girls grow quick
RDR - they are the time setters
RDR - its up to them on how long a project will take..

- have you bred the platty with any other morph phases this year?
RDR - hey girl
RDR - no
RDR - just normal girls
love2 - just proving the gene?
RDR - to make pure hets
RDR - yes
love2 - then the variations?
RDR - outcrossed
RDR - yes
RDR - then DH
RDR - pied first
love2 - can I have one?
RDR - no
love2 - :oP plthzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

- What type of snake is a good one to start breeding for a semi-beginner ??? SORRY OFF TOPIC.
RDR - corn snake
RDR - hands down
love2 - figures

- are pixie frogs like pacmans?
RDR - yes they are
RDR - but bigger
Sulcatta - any diff
love2 - way bigger
herpinboy - alot bigger
RDR - 4 times bigger as adults
Sulcatta - how long does that take
RDR - my african was 4 pounds
RDR - ten years old
RDR - ate rats
RDR - smalls

- whats the quickest growing python?
ratrace - retic
ratrace - or burmese
bbes - what is the fastest growing python or any snake in general?
albinoball - so do you have alot of visitors
RDR - burms
RDR - no albino
RDR - burms grow like weeds
RDR - no visitors

- i've heard of people crossing borneos with balls, i think it's wrong, What do you think of it?
RDR - i like it
RDR - designer snakes
RDR - not a problem with me
RDR - bals and bloods are close

- that works? Python curtus spp./Python regius
RDR - yes it does

- do you like corns
RDR - yes
herpinboy - me to
RDR - startedme in herps
herpinboy - me to
herpinboy - i have a snow
RDR - cool
love2 - when will you get a mate for the Angolan...or are you crossing it with a Ball?
matt2 - no, just in aw
RDR - girls will come this year
RDR - and yes I will croos it with a ball too
love2 - can I have one?
RDR - yes
RDR - mutts
RDR - freebees.....
love2 - still cute though
RDR - yep
RDR - we are not repopulating the wild...
RDR - so i have no problem with it
RDR - in moderation...

- what was the best breeding you ever did
love2 - **ahem**
RDR - good question
Snowboner - or is it classified top secret?
RDR - being the second person in the worls to produce snow boas
RDR - and in the top 5 of pieds
love2 - cool
RDR - i got'er done...
RDR - lol
Sulcatta - how long should a pacman live in captivity?
RDR - not sure
Sulcatta - ok

- Is it only borneos that are compatible with balls
Snowboner - allrite
Androctonus - or are the other two also
RDR - angolans
RDR - borneos
RDR - lol
RDR - nerd tried an african rock python
RDR - lmao
Androctonus - yourkidding
RDR - small pythons
RDR - that look the same in body
RDR - x
RDR - yes he did

- since im not allowed to pass ill go off topic =),do you know anything about everglades rat snakes? if so , do you know how quickly they grow/maximum size?
RDR - they grow quick
RDR - 8 feet?
RDR - max i have heard of..
RDR - 5 feet norm
Bill_C - ralph did you submit your application to survivor 3
bbes - how about thicks?
matt2 - shh, Sno
RDR - soon
RDR - need the tape made
RDR - i want to win!!!!!!!!!
Bill_C - lmao
RDR - yep
Bill_C - they might eat you
RDR - i will get on
RDR - no way
bryan123 - if you win
bryan123 - what will you get
RDR - one million
RDR - and be famous
bryan123 - what snakes
herpinboy - are balls you best pythons
love2 - what herp don't you have, that you most want?
love2 -
RDR - lucy burm
RDR - hands down
love2 - cool
RDR - an 18 foot pure white snake
RDR - yepper......
ratrace - I have burmese, 3 different morphs. But balls are nice also......
RDR - cool

- Which snake in your collection, past and current, is the crown jewel?
RDR - platty
RDR - and a few others.....
RDR - hidded still
Snowboner - few others?
Snowboner - ohhhhh
RDR - hidden still
RDR - yep
RDR - timing is everything
RDR - keep the hobby fresh and exciting

- have you ever bredd Pythoncurtus Spp. to any balls
RDR - no
RDR - and wont
RDR - but maybe angolan

- are we going to see more ball morphs in the next few years
RDR - yes
CreepyCrawler - like how many in the next 2
RDR - we are at the tip now
RDR - too many
RDR - time to croos genes
CreepyCrawler - exciting
RDR - who knows how many ?
RDR - yes
RDR - triple hets
RDR - who knows.?
RDR - it will be like the corns
RDR - next ten years

- do you like frogs
RDR - yes i do
herpinboy - me to
RDR - BIG frogs
RDR - and turtles
RDR - water turtles
herpinboy - i like pixies

- what is the largest clutch of eggs that your Ball Pythons ever produced? and how heavy was the girl?
RDR - 12 eggs
RDR - 4k grams
AlbinoNile - did I miss all the fun again?
J_C - wow!!

- What herp do you NOT want to own again?
RDR - retics
RDR - good Q
love2 -
RDR - and colubrids
love2 - smell?
love2 - lol
RDR - pooping machines
RDR - retics toooo big
love2 - LMAO

- are you going to become a regular in the herp related chat rooms?
RDR - no
RDR - lmao
RDR - sure
ratrace - oh ok
ratrace - sniff sniff
RDR - if matt will have me?
ratrace - im sure he has had dates like that
matt2 - Of course
love2 - LMAO
RDR - tx

RDR - we need more promo next time
love2 - I'm not sure we could handle the 2 of them together
RDR - lmao

- have you ever had a two headed snake
RDR - no
RDR - pete has
herpinboy - oh
RDR - an albino boa
RDR - very cool
RDR - it died
herpinboy - why
RDR - they all seem to die?
RDR - most anyway..
matt2 - jabbot; your q;

- you feed live right? is there anything wrong with feeding fresh killed or thawed? or is it just preference
RDR - for me
RDR - pre-kil;ed is fine
RDR - but not for 300 mouths

- ever had a 2 headed turtle?
RDR - no
RDR - but may get one in daytona this year
love2 - see the ones in Daytona last year?
RDR - a red eared slider it will be
RDR - yes
Ralph - Jacob
RDR - they were so cute
love2 - yeah

Rene - I would like to know the status of my little ball
RDR - breeding his butt off!!!!!!
RDR - he is a machine
Rene - just like dad
RDR - hows that?
RDR - yep
Rene - you too much
RDR - any pics?
RDR - close ups for me?
guest_jacob - ok now thats better
Rene - yes sir
RDR - good
RDR - me too.....
Rene - would you like them posted on KS
RDR - sure
Rene - thank you
herpinboy - how many times have you been bit?
AlbinoNile - lol
herpinboy - rdr
RDR - many
matt2 - I would like, on behalf of JeffB and to say thanks to ralph davis for taking of his time here tonight