Dec 12, 2001
Rob McInnes
Glades Herp - Reptile Import/Export

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Steve19 matt what will rob be talking about?
Bill import/export
matt2 jeffB ya wanna lead off w/info
jeffb Is he here?
Bill I will appear as bill. I'm on his computor.
jeffb ok......
Reptiluvr general import/export or from certain areas?
Bill Any area.
matt2 Welcome Rob!
Bill next
jeffb Ok our next guets is probably familiar to many of you if you have been in the indusrty for any length of time
jeffb Rob McInnes runs Glades Herps one of the largest and most established firms in the import/export business
Bill Hi Jeff

Rob do you have any Idea as you why P.masobe is doing so poorly in captivity?

SnakeUmms i have an easy question, what is some of your fav snakes to keep?
Bill No I don't. I have had little luck getting them to do well.
Bill Brook's kings
SnakeUmms or any reptile for that matter
Bill Rattlesnakes, spilotes rat snakes
Bill I love tortoises and lizards
Snowfyre going hold on ;)
jeffb rgr

Snowfyre This is sorta not related, but how do you tell what species are not allowed to be kept in your state? Its seems that some places have people who are clueless when you call them
Bill Get the "reptiles and the law book". It's still around.

Rob...What do you feel is the best method to stimulate uroplatus breeding in captivity?
Bill I don't know. They always just seem to lay eggs if their healthy. next

what do you think of Phelsuma breeding, do you see a future in it at all. I have heard that importation will stop sometime soon and they will no longer be imported, are there any limits now?
Bill There are many phelsuma still being imported from country of origin and othewrs coming from Europe.
Bill Most countries do not have restrictions on venomus. Import is not the problem. The four inch law is rumored to be gone soon. The HSUS is a problem because they want to ban the keeping of all reptiles and animals for that matter. next

turtletown Any chance of us seeing any other Kachuga species (besides smithi) come in soon-possably tentoria?AND where exactly are these smithi coming out of,I have heard both pakistan and that they are being raised ineurope??
Bill They are from pakistan. I have not seen others for sale. I had K. tecta once but the feds took them. They are CITES 1 and they did not accept the German CITES listing them as CITES 2. next

vwmreptiles How do you sex monkey tailed skinks? I have 2 of them and know one is female for sure becuase she had twins when i got her, but i am not sure about the other. I would like to breed these since they have stopped import/export on them.
Bill You can pop the penis on the males. It takes practice. next

matt2 my turn: Rob, since the tragic 9/11 incident I have heard many shippers are having a hard time..has "Glades experienced any of this?
Bill It was tough for a couple of weeks but there is no problem now.
Bill The only problem is the "know shipper rule" with the airlines.
Bill This rule makes it hard for non business people to use the airlines. next

Chamkeeper What is being done to control or monitor the wild populations of herps? And how bad is the pet impact?
Bill Some populations are monitored if someone is studying them but thats rare. The pet trade is bad for some populations but that is very rare as well.
Bill Most populations are too large to be affected by the pet trade. next

What countries do you see slowing or stopping exportation in the near future? What species would you consider a good investment for the future? As far as breeding and seling goes..
Bill Good question!
GlennB thank you
Bill It is very difficult to predict when a country will close. Most countries that have been shipping in recent years never completely close but just change their quotas.
Bill I would say animals that are popular are the ones to breed. next

can legal papers {cites ect} be done to get parsons chameleon from usa to canada? ps happy hoildays
Bill Yes. Both re-export of imports or captive breed should not be a problem. next
Bill I have 2.2 M. e. emys. I hatched two clutches 8 and 12. I don't phayri. next

I'm somewhat heavy on leopard gecko morphs and am greatly interested in obtaining wild caughts or F1 generation for "diversifying" and strengthening some of the morphs. I've checked the site a few times and haven't see any wild caughts offered for sale, I assume 9/11 has some play in not seeing my WCs offered. ...out of typing room, more....
GlennB what was that
NoEstoyAqui When is the best time to check for them or F1 generation and what can I expect price wise, I'm looking at needing 2.8?
SnakesAndStuff matt, you need to ban that domain
Bill Yes
hardcorereptilescg cool good save

jeffb had to pick the minute I had my hands full of parrot
VenomousReptiles Is it over?
Ralphine what was it?

I'm somewhat heavy on leopard gecko morphs and am greatly interested in obtaining wild caughts or F1 generation for "diversifying" and strengthening some of the morphs. I've checked the site a few times and haven't see any wild caughts offered for sale, I assume 9/11 has some play in not seeing my WCs offered. ...out of typing room, more....
TokayKeeper When is the best time to check for them or F1 generation and what can I expect price wise, I'm looking at needing 2.8?
Good Ryan
Bill I can get wild geckos on request. I can get 2.8. next
TokayKeeper money is an issue at the moment
TokayKeeper so pretty much just say the word when I have the $$ and we'll go from there?
Bill Yes
TokayKeeper I'm needing them for future college research
Bill next

Recently, I've been seeing Bothrops atrox and other S.A. animals coming in to the country, is this a continuing trend?
Randal_B Rob
Bill I asked for them for a couple of years before I got them. next

Steve19 Y are few T.tripolitanus being imported?
Steve19 i noticed you have have a few for sale now but it hard to find them
Randal_B wait, Rob, what abt S.A. herps recently coming in, esp ven?
Randal_B sorry guys
Bill They came from Guyana. They always have shipped lots of animals. next

how are the albino Emydura subglobosa doing,sold any yet,how much are you asking?
Bill I still have the albinos. they are nice. next
Bill I am asking $
turtletown thanks
matt2 thanks tk

It's hard to say. Elaphe - mostly that would be asian rat snakes and they can come in good at times or not.
hardcorereptilescg please do some booting jeffb
Bill Lystrophis - They come in good but can be difficult to feed.

Well as Jimmy Buffet would say....its hard to find ones occupation in the 21st century
Bill Atheris - about the same, when they come in good, there is little mortality. next

VaHerper Thanks, I appreciate the honesty - VaHerper
Walter In a picture of reptile magazine it shows you sitting in front of a hut with a bunch of baby Oustalettis on your hat. Where did you find them and is it common to come acrossed babies in the wild? And would babies or juvies be exported?

jeffb must be some of my fans from the BOI

Rob, there are some areas in which the (reptile) pet trade has made itself an easy target for groups like HSUS to attack. What action do you personally think should be taken to self-regulate the reptile trade and make such attacks more difficult in the future? (and prevent easy-way-out solutions like total bans at a national or state level that invariably result from negative publicity)
Bill NRIP National reptiles improvement plan.
Bill This offers use a chance to clean up our act. You will here more about it in the future.
arcb Any info available yet on the 'net?
jeffb hopefully we will have Marshall Meyers in here this week to discuss NRIP
arcb Ah, ok good
Bill I think the real improvements must come from the people involved.

There are about only a handful of chameleons readily available in the trade, do you forsee any new species imported in the near future?
Bill There are lots of chameleons that are imported in low numbers you may not see. I see new species come in every year.
Chamkeeper Any you think will gain in popularity?
Bill Uganda has been shipping lots of species this year we never had before.
GlennB I would just like to apoligize for the idiots that have been here tonight. Also you never answer Tokaykeepers question on costs of the wild caught Leos. Also do you provide care sheets for some of the lesser know species you sell?
Bill They run about $50.00. I choose not to carry most of the montane species. They require cooler temps than we can provide.
Bill I like selling the hardy species which we provide care help. next

hardcorereptilescg what are a few of the hardier chameleon imported? and the ones who have the hardest time of it?
Jaffo how are ya?
Chamkeeper Hardcore's ??
Bill Veileds and panthers are the hardiest. Any species from high elevations are difficult. next
Jaffo ok
Bill MacInnes

David15 XmasTree Merry Christmas All SnowMan
matt2 shh..david15
matt2 Ralphine:
jeffb but its obviously getting late
Ralphine pass, thanks
jeffb Well Rob its 11:20 your time...
How about the fea's viper??? Do you know if they are going to be shipped correctly to where they arent dying within weeks of purchase??
Bill I will sign off. Thanks for haveing me. next
GlennB Thanks Rob
hardcorereptilescg thanx for your and bills time
NickAsher thanks rob
jeffb Thank you for being such a PATIENT guest
matt2 Again, Rob and Bill; on behalf of, JeffB and myself..thanks again for taking of your time here for us tonight
Ralphine Thank you Rob and Thanks to Bill - interesting evening!
JeffH thank you rob and bill
hardcorereptilescg good job kingsnake
VaHerper Thanks for withstanding the onslaught!
jeffb everyone have a good evening and we will see everyone tomorrow