The founding male boa exhibiting the Super Stripe trait was field collected as a young animal about eight years ago.  The origin is Central American and indicative of some island form boas not unlike the
Crawl Cay boa.  Large, dark eyes and an elongated head are pronounced features.  The body build of this boa line is slender compared to common Boa constrictor constrictor.  The adults are approximately six feet long. Through line breeding this trait has been shown to pass on as simple
recessive.  The Super Stripe boa is an extremely rare and beautiful proven striped boa line.  Three cream colored stripes overlaid on a wide, nearly black dorsal background characterizes this morph.  All three stripes show a high degree of consistency and near perfect symmetry from the back of the head almost to the tail.  We plan on combining and expressing the trait with super-hypo and albino.
The results of the siblings being interbred will surely produce yet another superb boa morph.

Photos and article compliments of: Matthew Jablonski and Wes Couch