As of this writing (02/15/00) the Sunglow Boa has not been produced. This morph will be the product of breeding an Hypo-melanistic Boa heterozygous for Albinism. These "double-hets" are produced by breeding a Hypo-melanistic Boa to an Albino Boa. When this "Double Het." is bred to an Albino Boa, 25% or more of the offspring should be Sunglow. When two "Double Hets" are breed together the litter should yield 50% or more Sunglow Boas. The current speculation is that the Sunglow Boa will be very intensely colored with vibrant pinks and reds. Below you will find a photo of both an Albino Boa breeding a Hypo-melanistic Boa...creating "double hets" for Sunglow.

Article compliments of: Chris Romine

Photos compliments of: Jeremy Stone

Photos of the Sunglow Boa coming soon.....we hope!