The Sunburst Arabesque Boa is a line that I first produced in 1997. This line was produced by crossing an Arabesque to a descendant of the original Sunburst Colombian Boa. The name "Sunburst" was chosen because of the intense orange and pink coloration typical of this line. Another trait of the "Sunburst" line is greatly reduced melanin throughout the color/pattern. Although the "Sunburst" line is at at all related to the orange-tail line and salmon hypo's being bred, this line also exhibits hypo-melanistic traits. When the original Arabesque line which shows hyper-melanistic (increased melanin), was bred into the "Sunburst" line, the result was that 75% of the Arabesque born demonstrated the "Sunburst" characteristics. The Sunburst Arabesque Boas are typically very clean and have a lot of pink, gold, and orange hues that are generally lacking in the Original Arabesque line.

Article compliments of: Steve Hammond

Photos compliments of: Steve Hammond and Gary Mirone.