STRIPED SURINAM BOA (Boa Constrictor constrictor)

In 1996 a partially striped female Surinam Red-tail was imported into the U.S.. Shortly after her arrival she gave birth to a litter which included a handful of partially striped offspring.  These neonates, along with their mother, were sold to several breeders across the country. The adult female ended up in the collection of the now defunct, "Living Jewels". This female was bred in '97 by a normally patterned male, and once again produced several partially striped offspring along with one completely striped female. The stripes on these boas are unique in the fact that the striping is perfect from start to finish, never narrowing or widening as it continues. It also tends to be a very dark burgundy in color. The rest of the animal tends to have the typical Surinam markings and coloration, except for the tail, which tend to be dark.
   The original female of this line was sadly lost in late '97, leaving behind  only a few of her progeny, to carry on this amazing co-dominate trait. As of this writing (2/19/00) only 3 males, and 4 females are
known to exist.

Article compliments of: Don Mercer

Photos compliments of: Don Mercer