The founding female boa exhibiting the Reverse Striped trait was field collected as a young animal nearly nine years ago.  Her origin is Central American and the appearance indicates Yucatan and other Central American boa bloodlines. The head is broad and flat.  The eyes have a burnt orange wash and a very thin dark stripe through them.  The dorsal pattern is faded and reduced.  The lack of pattern on the dorsum gives the morph name "Reverse Striped".  The founding adult female is approximately seven feet long.  Through line breeding this trait has been shown to pass on as simple recessive.  This morph can exhibit degrees of reverse striping from partial to nearly complete from
head to tail.  The complete reverse stripe has two stripes on the edges of the dorsum and no saddles from nearly head to tail.  We plan on combining and expressing the trait with super-hypo and albino.  The results of the siblings being interbred will surely produce yet another superb boa morph.

Photos and article compliments of: Matthew Jablonski and Wes Couch