ACKNOWLEDGMENTS would like to thank all the individuals who contributed to this site. We appreciate all of the information each and everyone of you brought to this project.


Michael Ball: Photos: Hypo-melanistic Boa.

Jesse Barrett: Photo: Aberrant Striped Boa.

Wes Couch: Photos and articles for the Reverse Stripe Boa and the Super Striped Boa.

Rick Crew (Family Forever Breeding): Articles: Melanistic Boa. Photos: Albino Boa, Anerythristic Boa, Hypo-melanistic Boa and Melanistic Boa.

Ralph Davis (Ralph Davis Reptiles): Articles: Freak Boa. Photos: Freak Boa on the main-page logo, Freak Boa and Anerythristic Boa.

Matthew Jablonski (Exceptional Reptiles & Amphibians): Photos and articles for the Reverse Stripe Boa and the Super Striped Boa.

Steve Hammond (Exceptional Exotics: 502-955-8705) Articles: Arabesque Boa and Sunburst Arabesque Boa. Photos: Sunburst Arabesque.

Peter Kahl (Peter Kahl Reptiles): Articles: Albino Boa, Coral Phase Albino, Jungle Boa, (Kahl) Striped Boa and Snow Boa. Photos: Albino Boa, Snow Boa, Jungle Boa and Striped Boa.

Tim Magee (Rainshadow Ranch): Photos: Aberrant Boas.

Douglas R. Matuszak (Boa Basement): Article: Ghost & Super Ghost Boas. Photos: Ghost & Super Ghost Boas.

Don Mercer (Sun Valley Reptiles): Article: Striped Surinam Boa Photos: Aberrant Boa and Striped Surinam Boas. 

Josh McCullah: Articles: Type I Anerythristic Boa and Hypo-melanistic Boa.

Gary Mirone: Photos: Arabesque Boa and Sunburst Arabesque Boa.

David A. Northcott (Natures Lens: 661-298-5997) Article: Paradox Albino Boa. Photos: Paradox Albino Boa.

Chris Romine (DG Web Design): Site Design. Site Graphics. Ten sore finger tips. Articles: Sunglow Boa. Photos: Arabesque Boa, Salmon Boa and Anerythristic Boa.

Jeff Ronne (The Boaphile): Article: Pastel Boa Photos: Pastel Boa.

Ben Siegel (Ben Siegel Reptiles): Photos: Type II Anerythristic Boas.

John Skipper (John Skipper Reptiles): Photos: Arabesque Boas.

Jeremy Stone (Jeremy Stone Reptiles): Articles: Motley Boa. Photos: Motley Boa, Pearl Boa, Jungle Boa, Albino Boas, Arabesque Boa, Anerythristic Boa, Albino/Hypo Copulation and Striped Boa w/babies.

Strictly Reptiles (954-967-8310): Article: Pearl Guyanan Boa. Photos: Pearl Guyanan Boa.

Mike Wilbanks (Constrictors Unlimited): Photo: Salmon Phase Hypo-melanistic Boa.

***Please contact Chris Romine if you were left out on this list.