The Motley Boa is a new Genetic pattern mutation of the Boa.  It is a fusion of dorsal striping with no side pattern, and  pin five stripes. It has circles on the back as apposed to the common squares or diamonds.  Motleys show more of a lavender/silver color as opposed to the common brown boas that we see from Columbia.  The Motley is a Columbian boa imported as a baby in 94.  A Florida Breeder picked it up and named it the Motley Boa because it strongly resembles the Motley cornsnake in pattern.  Having a hunch it was genetic, he bred it to a normal female common Boa.  She gave birth to 12 babies.  Of the 12 babies, 6 were Motley, and the other 6 were normal.  Three of the Motley boas were dead in the sac, and two of the other three died shortly after birth.  That leaves us with one baby and the original father who has not produced offspring to this date since.  Both Motley boas are males, and have been breeding heavy for this 2000 season, some females are gravid and hopefully baby Motleys are on the way.  There are many interesting possibilities with this new gene.  We can get ghost, snow, and sunglow Motleys.  We can also get SUPER MOTLEYS and Albino Motleys which will be a true striped albino. The list goes on and on. 


Article compliments of: Jeremy Stone

Photos compliments of: Jeremy Stone