STRIPED BOA (Kahl Strain)

I purchase a female striped boa in 1991 from Matt Schram. She was around five feet when I bought her. He also gave me a pair of adult striped boas on breeding loan, which he said were the parents of my female. I bred the pair of striped boas to each other and produced a litter of striped babies which proved to me these were genetic striped boas. I also bred an albino boa to the striped female I purchased from Matt. I have since raised up the double hetero females and produced some of the most beautiful albino boas and several of them have striping. This stripping gene works like this. In one litter you get all striped babies but they vary from say 20% striped to fully striped. The color is
very intense in the striped boas and that is why the albino are so incredible.

The photos below are Striped Albino Boas. They are the product of breeding Double hets (for striped albinos) together. This morph will have it's own page soon.

These Albino boas below were produced from a double het for striped albino breeding. Although they do not exhibit any striping, they the most intensely colored  albino yet.


Article compliments of: Peter Kahl

Photos compliments of: Peter Kahl and Jeremy Stone