To the best of the authors knowledge, the first hypo-melanistic boas came into the country from Panama. These boas where referred to as Orange-tails, because of the intense orange on their tail blotches. As a result of both line-breeding and out-breeding to lighter common Colombian boas, several phases have been established. Salmon phase hypos tend to have a darker rose-like pigmentation. Super Salmons, which are a product of breeding a salmon to a salmon, tend to be very light in overall color with very little black scaling. While hypo-melanistic boas lack black pigment they are not albinos. They lack melanin to certain degrees. There are hypo-melanistic boas born with nearly no black scaling but they still carry the black pigment. This trait has been proven co-dominant.


Photos compliments of: Michael Ball


Photos compliments of: C. Romine and Mike Wilbanks

Article compliments of: J. McCullah