Unfortunately the history of this beautiful morph is not well documented. Anerythristic boas are imported to U.S. on a regular basis. There have also been anerythristic boas pop out in normal to normal breedings. Current speculation is that several strains of the Type I anerythristic exist. There is some evidence to back this up. There are at least two color variants, a brownish variant and a silver variant. Never the less these "Black Albinos" are key ingredients to many of the man-made morphs being created today. I know you might be asking yourself..."Black Albinos?" In simple terms that is exactly what anerythristics are, their pigment make-up is opposite to the albino boa. Albinos lack melanin which is black pigment, on the other hand anerythristics lack erythrin which is red pigment. These beautiful snakes are being used to create many designer boas, such as Snow Boas and Ghost Boas. This trait has been shown to be simple recessive.

Article compliments of: J. McCullah

Photos compliments of: Chris Romine, Ralph Davis and Jeremy Stone


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