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Wednesday night, October 6, 1994, Brad Stiles, Barb Fraser & John Fraser were looking for snakes and had drove over to Langtry and saw 3 snakes ( 1 Great Plains ratsnake & 2 Western Diamondback Rattlers) and saw 1 more atrox near Dryden on the way back to Sanderson. John had seen the first 3 snakes on cuts and the 4th snake AOR on 90. As they approached the East of Sanderson area, John commented to Brad that He needed to pull his weight & find a snake. Minutes later he did just that by spotting this Graybanded Kingsnake about 4 feet high on a rockcut 5 miles east of Sanderson at 10:54pm, 70F, with a north east wind at 5-10mph. go figure that wind. Its head was positioned where it could have shot back into its crevice at any moment. This was their first ever wildcaught alterna found in October.