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Below is a list of L. alterna breeders who have provided locality data/family tree for all localities claimed

If you want real locality alterna, ask your breeder for a Pedigree. If your breeder can not, or will not offer this service tracing the origin of their stock back to wild caught animals, then the animals in question can only be deemed generic. There are some serious practical considerations that make lineage-sharing imperative, among them is the proliferation of various "morphs".

To become a member of this list you are required to submit photos, locality data, and a family tree tracing the origin of your stock back to wild-caught snakes without exception. If said locality alterna are three generations removed from the wild, you are required to document all three generations in the lineage (i.e. sire and dam, grand sire(s) and dam(s), great grand sire(s) and dam(s).

ALL the data must be in order for your request to be processed. I will also need your REAL NAME in your first inquiry if you are serious about being listed, as well as your city, state, preferred method of contact, and web address if you have a web page.

Please note that this list does not and can not verify data. All we ask is that breeders create a paper trail documenting the lineage of their locality alterna. Buyers are encouraged to use due diligence, ask questions, and seek opinions from several different sources before investing in ANY captive bred locality offspring.

You can be removed from this list if your contact information falls out of date, after three complaints, or if you falsify/do not have documentation.

The Alterna Page receives no renumeration for inclusion in this list.

Send documentation to Joseph E. Forks - Last Revision 09/21/11

Bryan Box - Wichita Falls, TX

Black gap, US 285 North of Sanderson (9-mile hill), Limpia Canyon, Davis Mtns. SH 118, & Davis Mtns. Musquiz Canyon
Shannon Brown - Bishop,CA
(760) 872-2847

River Road, Lajitas, Davis Mtns., Sanderson, west Langtry, black on black Blair's from Lozier Canyon, Hwy. 277, & F.M. 674 (Bracketville)

John Craft - Denton, TX
(817) 905-2607

Davis Mtns. Boy Scout Road Lower Ranch, & Davis Mtns. Boy Scout Road Upper Canyon
John Fraser - 119 N. 15th St., Fredonia, KS 66736
US-277 / Loma Alta, TX-163 / Juno Road, US-90 / Langtry, US-90 / Sanderson, US-285 / Sanderson

Andrew Godambe - Houston, TX
East of Sanderson

Ricky Green - Tyler, TX
Luna Vista (X-Mas), Langtry, Sanderson, River Road, Juno Road, & Black Gap

Troy Hibbitts - Brackettville, TX

Hwy 277 - Loma Alta, Davis Mountains SH 118, Alpine 6 mi. S, Alpine 20 mi. S, & Black Gap

Todd Hughes - Corpus Christi, TX
(361) 876-4368

Robert Pelaez - Phoenix, AZ
(602) 789-9750

Davis Mtns. Limpia Canyon, Davis Mtns. Boy Scout Canyon, Hwy. 349 (8-10 miles north of Dryden), Hwy. 90 (5-10 miles east of Sanderson), Juno Rd. (alterna phase)
Mike Russo - East Meadow, NY
(516) 359-4158
Black Gap
Damon Salceies - New Mexico
(505) 890-4568 until 9PM MST
285 North of Sanderson, 90 East & West of Sanderson
Colin Smith - Morgan Hill, CA
285 North of Sanderson, 90 East & West of Sanderson, Alpine, 277, Black Gap, Langtry

Stu Tennyson - Azle, TX
Howard Draw and Sanderson; North, East and West.
Kyle Vargas - El Paso, TX
Hueco Mtns.